24 April 2016, Redesign Visual Identity


Many years old client came to us to change his company’s appearance. We were waiting it, because felt that Altin’s visual Identity is old and it’s time to change everything. But how can we do it? because we have achieved our best before and what should we do now? after many brief sessions with client and more creative sessions with design and marketing teams, there was an approach. WE MUST CHANGE THE VIEW and TRY NEW PERSPECTIVE.

Altin’s office is in England so our result will be compared to Western Qualitative and modern Work, It is the most challenging part of project, to do something amazing and special in global scale and for universal audience. so it is necessary to spent more energy, Time and creativity.






It is our solution for new Altin homes’s visual identity. We save old logo but just changed our viewpoint to it and then we had the new logo. Client loves the new logo and us too. the new identity designed based on it. we turned the logo in to a talk bubble. the philosophy behind it was that you can imagine the most big and impossible dreamy house in this bubble and Altin would give a truth color to them.

"There is an opened door in this logo that invites you to golden future." it is a concept too. everybody would have own interpretation of the logo.

other part of identity was brilliant too. we have made a golden collection of advertising and promotion material for Altin Homes and the website won the site of the day title from adobe muse site and site of the month award from design firms on 2014.

So We believed that every time can do your best like now, and we are waiting for next time...





Altin homes logo inspiration
Altin Homes Logo


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