We always thought that shopping centers mostly have not a good identity design, while, it is so important for success of their business and branding. Any way no body cares. But if one day we do that, will do different and stronger. Fortunately Adak furniture came us and wanted to design an identity for it’s new furniture shopping center. A modern center with awesome architecture and top brands of furniture. how a chance! The main challenge is to design an identity that be flexible(event design, catalogue design, signages design for brands, environment design and so on)eye-catch and attractive to take attention to, and inspire luxury feeling.





Primary step in Toranj work flow is research and study, so we did that. We explore the best examples, shopping centers identity and how they designed and used their identity and it’s success factors, shoppers interests in furniture and home appliances field and many other important items. we want strong form that associate power and luxury, and has some points to Adak building.

It was good idea to use simple straight lines with some curves in end to make couch like shape and building shape together, Powerful, Stable and classy. The colors will do their work, Making it luxury by golden color. now time to design other materials like 3D renders of building, invitation card and catalogue.





Adak Logo Inspiration
Adak Furniture Mall Logo


Process Done By Toranj

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Research, Copywriting, 3D modelling, 3D rendering, Media Design

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6 Buddies worked on this project

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Logo, Billboard, Catalogue, Invitation card, 3D photos

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Many thanks to Mr. Arash Amini

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Apple, Xerox, Fiery, Samsung, Intec

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Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Autodesk 3D Studio Max, V-Ray

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This project started at 12 May 2015, finished at 05 February 2015

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Adak Logo Inspiration
Adak Furniture Mall Logo